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Logo of aNXTCamaNXTCam is a subproject of aNXT. It was developed for configuring the NXTCam from a Linux machine, since there was no such software available for Linux at that time.

Screenshot of aNXTCam

Screenshot of aNXTCam

NXTCam provides following features:

  • Capturing frames from the NXTCam and interpolating them.
  • Defining a colormap and uploading it
  • Tracking objects
  • Configuring settings like: Auto White Balance, Auto Adjust Mode and Flourescent Light Filter

aNXTCam can be downloaded from GitHub:


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  1. April 25, 2011 at 4:48 am

    Hi Janosch

    Congratulations on providing all us Mindstorms addicts with a Native Linux alternative to running the Windows based Mindstorms NXT software as a Virtual Machine within Linux.

    I was that impressed with the restricted play available to me with your aNXTCam software that I just ordered a NXTCamV3 from Mindsensors. I’ve wanted to purchase a NXTCam since there initial release, but the lack of Native Linux software for it held me back.

    I have also added an article on your aNXTCam to my Blog: http://www.rjmcnamara.com/?p=3486.

    Thanx again for you hard work.

    Ray McNamara

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